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Company Holidays

From 14/08 until 22/08/2020 the guest house is closed for company holidays ......

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Wine pleasure tour on 08/02/2020

Alternative to the popular Durbach Wine Day: Guided wine tour with tasting

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The cherries are ripe!

The harvest of the cherries has started, too. We offer you the most beautiful ones at breakfast!

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The harvest of blueberries

Superfood blueberries- Collecting blueberries for oneself - a fun for the whole family

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Now all rooms are renovated!

We used the free time due to Corona to renovate room # 1, too. Light curtains create a nice ambience. All carpets are now replaced by high-quality...

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Die Heidelbeersaison beginnt in Kürze

Neu bei uns: Heidelbeeren selberpflücken. Bereits ab Reifebeginn.....

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Reopening on May 29, 2020

Finally the time has come! From Pentecost we are allowed to accept guests again. We look forward to any request. Quiet and relaxing days away from...

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The vineyard is in flower!

Best time for hiking, cycling and motorcycling!

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Durbach Wine Festival

The well known and very popular wine festival in Durbach .....

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Corona Crisis

When can we finally start again?

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