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to Robert and Andrea Wörner!

Your hosts introduce themselves

How it all started

The guesthouse was built in the early 70's by Heinrich and Maria Wörner. At that time, tourism in Durbach was still in its infancy. Until then, our farm was a winegrower's farm like many others here in the village, where not only wine- and fruit-growing but also livestock farming and arable farming were practised.

When the farm building and the cowshed were completely destroyed by a fire in the summer of 1971, it was decided to break new ground. Livestock farming was no longer profitable, and within spitting distance the construction of a health clinic was planned so that a lot of more guests for Durbach were expected in the future.  So it made sense to build a guesthouse instead of the burned-down farm building. It all started with two ordinary rooms in the farmstead with fluent cold and warm water and shared shower and toilet in the corridor and three for the time very modern rooms in the newly built guesthouse, each furnished with its own shower and toilet. Soon the capacity of rooms did no longer equate to the increasing demand of reservations, and the guesthouse was extended to its present size of eight rooms.

So it went on

In the year 2001 we - Robert and Andrea Wörner - took the lead of the guesthouse and meanwhile we completely renovated and modernized all rooms (in some cases already repeatedly). While I - Robert - am primarily responsible for the wine- and fruit-growing and while I am needed in the guesthouse at best for maintenance and repair, my wife Andrea bears the main responsibility here. As a qualified travel agent, she is familiar with all questions in the range of tourism and knows the wishes and needs of the guests in the best way.

We are supported by our eldest son Andreas - winemaker like me and future successor to the company - and by Natalie, our daughter-in-law.

Meanwhile our family includes also two grandchildren - Roman and Darwin - and a dear and faithful Border Collie bitch called Quendie.