"If you want to know what beauty is, go out into nature."

                                                              (Albrecht Dürer)

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Welcome to the hiking paradise Durbach

Being on the move on Durbach's premium pathways


More and more people - including the younger generation - are enthusiastic about hiking. And Durbach on the edge of the Black Forest is an ideal location for this. Exercise in the fresh air is healthy and lets you forget everyday's stress.

In Durbach we have three wonderful premium pathways. These are trails awarded by the German Hiking Institute, which have to meet certain criteria; they are particularly close to nature. They have to be varied, they should have panoramic views and a length between 6 and 18 km. More than 40 of such trails are currently marked throughout the Black Forest.

There are also many walks through the vineyards or around the Ebersweier district.

Directions and maps are ready for you. Let the following pictures inspire you!



"Durbach Weinpanorama" (Wine panorama)



This path takes you around Durbach and to its most important sights. You will be rewarded with wonderful views to the village and, when the weather is clear, even to the valley of the Rhine and to the Vosges in France. Numerous wineries are located directly on the route and invite you to have a taste.



"Durbacher Weitblick" (Far view)



The approximately 11 km long tour takes you to numerous panoramic viewpoints and you pass three of the twelve wineries of Durbach. It is as diverse as the landscape itself: sometimes gentle and calm, sometimes a little bit rougher and more challenging. You can reach this beautiful hiking trail right on our doorstep.



"Gebirger Höfe-Weg" (Trail of homesteads)



On this approximately 10 km long trip you will get to know the the highest region of Durbach ("Durbacher Gebirg") and thus a part of Durbach that is still unknown to many. There are a total of seven secluded typical Black Forest homesteads, some of them with a centuries-old family history. Let yourself be inspired by the diversity of the landscape with dark forests, lush green orchards and deeply carved valleys! You will be rewarded with wonderful views of the valley and the "Mooskopf", the highest elevation of Durbach. On the way you will find numerous artfully designed seating-accommodations where you can take a snack out of your backpack and enjoy the wonderful panorama.

Durbacher Weinlehrpfad (Wine Trail)



On an easily walkable short trip of 2 km near the castle of Durbach you will find a total of 19 very informative and easy-to-understand information boards about the various kinds of grapes which are cultivated in Durbach. You will learn a lot about working in the vineyard, about the land consolidation of this area and about environmentally friendly viticulture. The walk is suitable for everyone and takes you to the "Steinberghäusle", one of the most beautiful vantage points in Durbach with a fantastic view of the entire valley and, in clear weather, to the Rhine Valley and to the Vosges in France.



Around Ebersweier



On three attractive tours you can discover the diverse landscape around the "cherry village" Ebersweier . You can get to know striking and worth seeing places as well as interesting viewpoints of the district Ebersweier without big differences in altitude. The single paths of 4.7 km, 6.6 km and 7.4 km in length can also be combined to larger trips and lead you variedly through the wide orchards with cherry trees, the fields, forests and vineyards around Ebersweier. The tours are particularly attractive in spring during the cherry blossom or in July during the harvest.