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A Welcome

by Robert and Andrea!

About us


The Past

The guesthouse was built in the early 70's by Heinrich and Maria Wörner. At that time, tourism in Durbach was still in its infancy. Until then, our family estate was a large winegrower's farm where not only wine and fruit but also a variety of livestock and crops were farmed.

When the farm building and the cowshed were completely destroyed by a fire in the summer of 1971, it was decided to break new ground as livestock farming was no longer profitable. Meanwhile and in close proximity the construction of a health clinic was planned which was seen as promising future with an influx of guests and visitors to the area. It became apparent to build a guesthouse in the place of the burned-down farm building. It all started with simple rooms in the farmstead providing fluent cold and warm water as well as private bathroom facilities which was very modern and advanced for that time. Soon the capacity of rooms was reached and with an increasing demand and reservations the guesthouse was extended to its present size with eight guestrooms, a dining room and a kitchen as well as a designated outdoor area.


The Present

Since we - Robert & Andrea - took the lead of the guesthouse in 2001 we repeatedly renovated and modernized all rooms and facilities of the guesthouse. While Robert is primarily responsible for the wine and fruit and is only sometimes needed for maintenance and repairs, Andrea holds the main responsibility in and around the guesthouse. As a qualified tourism and travel agent, she is familiar with all topics relating to the guesthouse and the local tourism industry and has established herself as welcoming and accommodating host to our guests.


The Future

We are supported by our eldest son Andreas, who is a master in winemaking and the future successor of our family business. Together with his wife Natalie they are bringing up the next and youngest generation with their children Roman & Darwin. All over the watchful eye of our dear and faithful Border Collie Quendie.